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Belinda Freeman is a British Artist based in Dubai, UAE. 

Belinda founded her successful Art company Queen B™ in 2004 ( She creates locally inspired family portraits, skylines and camels, capturing experiences and memories for Expats living in & leaving the Middle East. Over the last twelve years she has predominantly focused on her Art producing over 6700 pieces of signed, mounted & framed prints. She offers both ready to hang designs and bespoke personalised artwork which hang on walls all over the world. Starting on the market stalls of Dubai Belinda went on the sell Queen B™ designs in over 100 stores & galleries across the region and has been featured in multiple magazines, appeared on live radio and taken part in reputable competitions giving her business a household name within Dubai & recognition for her unique style, attention to detail and focus on quality.


In 2022 she gained her Masters Degree in Fine Art (MA FA) at the Academy of Art University, San Fransisco, USA.

Her Fine Art is inspired by a lifelong fascination for drawing & painting nature. Her style is influenced by the traditional methods of realism with a lean towards a painterly technique where she intentionally exposes the brush stroke of the medium being used.


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